The Burbridge Foundation is a Christian foundation dedicated to working solutions to problems impacting our families and our culture. We do this by bringing public awareness to these problems, by working alongside other faiths and concerned citizens interested in strengthening the fabric of our community character, and by providing leadership support to organizations of like vision.

We continue to work across the country with individuals and organizations combating the scourge of pornography - a deadly and often underestimated cancer assaulting the family. For information on the "WRAP Campaign" and other information on fighting porn go to

The statewide televised public awareness effort we brought to Oklahoma focusing on the ravages of methamphetamine, Crystal Darkness, is now being led by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. For information concerning "Phase II" of this campaign, please go to

Our current effort focuses on Christian leadership development. In 2007, we reached out to several Oklahoma City Christian lay leaders with a vision for the creation of "salt and light leadership training" to leaders of this and other cities. This has now become the "SALLT Fellowship" which can be found at

Soli Deo Gloria

We are not a direct grant giving organization.

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